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Study Of The Southwest Area Ordinary University High Level Men’s Soccer Team Management Status And Countermeasures

Posted on:2015-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428979499Subject:Physical Education and Training
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This paper selects the southwest area4high level football players qualified high level football representative teams of universities as the research object, using the method of literature, expert interviews, questionnaire survey method, mathematical statistics method, field survey, investigation and Research on the southwest college men’s soccer team, find out the deficiency and common problems exist in the development, combined with the actual situation, proposed the southwest college men’s soccer team management, the popularization and development of high and the national college football to high level of male football team in the universities of Southwest overall level, significant.The results of this study are as follows:(1) five high level college soccer team in Colleges and universities of southwest area have the management system, but there is no change in the actual situation with the necessary modifications, and in the implementation of the system is more uneven. Do high level college soccer team initially focus on to enhance the school profile, glory for the school in this area, as do the high level football team purpose;(2) the high level soccer team in Colleges and universities of southwest area of coaches selection is mainly led by the appointed; the school part-time coaches in sports teachers as the main body; generally believe that the heavy teaching task affect the training work; the soccer coach training work in the universities of Southwest coaches do not pay enough attention, lack of training opportunities;(3) the high level football team is the training form the pre-season training, is not conducive to long-term development of the school football team; the number of weekly training has been able to satisfy the need of training, but each training time is insufficient, which is mainly related to the traditional teaching mode of training; (4) in southwest university lack of sports team management experience and scientific system, student athletes educational system is not flexible, the lack of flexibility. High level college soccer team single source of funding, but the school funding this single form.
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