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A Brief Research On The Rise And Fall Of The Competitive Football In The Republic Of China

Posted on:2015-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From the late19th century modern football passed around China to1930in the old Chinese modern football to flourish, just a few decades, the Republic of competitive football in the history of the old Chinese sports the poor and weak to leave the event in a pen. Through literature research, historical research methods to study and analyze the development of competitive football during the Republic, characteristics, and finally concluded with the revelation. Conclusions and Implications not the purpose, the purpose is to allow the parties noted the conclusions and inspiration relevant content, and then find ways and measures to solve the existing problems of Chinese football, for those interested in the person concerned to make efforts for the development of Chinese football valuable reference. However, according to the author visited the survey found that people on to Li Hui tang represented during the Republic of China football glory had been poorly understood. This perspective that is based on learning from history to show the world why the Chinese Athletic Football wound up poor and weak old China unrest win the respect of the world won the honor for the Republic Sports. I hope today in good condition, but the depths of the quagmire of Chinese football can be inspired and early revival,In this paper, the Republic of competitive football for the study, using literature research, historical research, comparative analysis on the status of the Republic of football in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Shanghai mainly to the order of time, mainly from the following five parts be introduced:the first part, the background summary of this article the significance of the topic and the research status. The second part focuses on the study and research of this method. Research methods are mainly literature research, historical research and comparative analysis. The third part is mainly research and analysis. Research briefing followed by the Republic of competitive sport and features infancy, flourished during the period and weak respectively. Republic of China as well as some of the famous football athlete profiles as well as some of the important events of the statistical results. The fourth part, come to the conclusion of the Republic of Athletic Football Dynasty. The fifth part, referring to the conclusions of the Republic Football Dynasty after comparing the current Chinese football association dilemma draw the conclusion.The main conclusions are:(1) during the Republic of China’s household registration to football star in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangdong-based, multi-player from the then well-known institutions of higher learning,(2) In addition to Hong Kong, Mainland Football League no formal exchanges between universities interscholastic on the development of early football has played a positive role in promoting,(3) of the Republic of China and the European football almost no communication, but Li Hui tang, by Dai Lin Lu Lin and other goods have reached world-class level players level,(4)" Far Eastern Games nine consecutive years," impressive record so that the Republic of Asian football has been ranked the top ten years,(5) Li Hui tang the emergence of a number of outstanding athletes, had changed some foreigners Chinese people " sick man of Asia " false impression that the Chinese people suffering from imperialist bullying can be proud of, so encouraged by the Chinese people at home and abroad,(6)" professional athletes " basically rely on revenue from ticket sales game, football lottery issuance, Shang and patriotic who funded mainly, almost no government funding,(7) funds during the visit to the Republic of China although stretched our football team, but every game in a foreign country, our team demonstrated the indomitable spirit of glory for the country, regardless of winning or losing the game, opponents have won applause and respect (8) Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangdong and the bridgehead of modern football is football undertaken.Special social and historical context of competitive sport and its current situation in which the Republic of China is closely related to, you can say that the special status of social background and history and achievements of the Republic bred competitive football had brilliant. Republic of modern football is not only a foreign invasion of Western culture, the result of penetration and is absorbed, while carrying the Chinese People’s afraid of power, defying Western powers to the people physically, mentally oppression and slavery as a success revolt, is suffering from bullying at that particular historical circumstances specific performance of the Chinese people’s patriotism special. Chinese football that period does not lack is the spirit, a strong wish to stand up from the humiliation of the fighting spirit of patriotism. Chairman Mao Zedong once said:"People always want a little spirit." And now Chinese football is always something missing in this spirit, for with learning general secretary’s words, is the lack of "calcium." Spirit of calcium, it is the stand of the people. The research in this paper is based on the perspective of history as a mirror to show the world China today football lost "spirit" is what that is, with the " spirit of football", in order to have beautiful football, soccer invincible, so football even if I lose the score, but also to win respect. Dream is not afraid of a long road, afraid lose, willing to awake early after Chinese football dreams.
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