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Group Work Intervention In New Employees Enterprise Integration

Posted on:2015-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428999385Subject:Social work
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Staff development is an important strength of enterprises, also is enterprises valuablehuman resources. Production-oriented enterprises, the production line employees are thedirect producers of corporate profits, the long-term stable development of enterprises ofgreat significance. However, due to the heave work pressure, edious boring, work, alsolack of creativity and enterprise less attention, there is a high front-line staff turnover rate,high mobility problems. How to effectively motivate front-line employees to promote theirintegration into the corporate environment to adapt and improve their loyalty and corporateidentity, and to better realize their potential has become important issues facing corporatemanagement as soon as possible after the entry.Therefore, this article from the social work perspective, select the SuzhouIndustrial Park, a large auto parts manufacturing company, concerned about the situation oftheir enterprises into the front-line staff. The company is mainly engaged in auto partsmanufacturing business, a large company size, with a total staff of nearly8,000people, ofwhich two-thirds of the production line employees accounted for frontline staff. Thiscorresponds with the production line frontline staff turnover has been high, and leavinggroups, the ratio of the population that is starting six months to leave the heaviest. Throughdata analysis, new employees are with the characteristics, which is young and limitededucation, and frequent movement. In order to better measure the extent of integration, thewriter define the integration in three levels: regulation integration and emotion integrationand development integration. To solve the problem in enterprise integration, the articleuse group work to intervene and design six group activities particularly.In order to know the new employees integration situation, before the group carried out,using "production line staff integration measure" get the result of the integration. And thendesign activity plan to the survey result.Finally, through the evaluation process of group activities, satisfaction and measured before and after the assessment, it turns out that thegroup work make a lot of sense in helping new employees integrated to the enterprise.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social work, New employees in product line, Enterprise integration
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