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A Research On Secondary School’s Credit System Of America

Posted on:2015-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Credit was first born in the field of higher education, and with the obvious advantages of the credit, which gradually extended to secondary education stage. Since high school education has a special status and role in the national education system, the reform of credit system becomes one of the focuses of the reform of high school. Currently, many countries in the world have been used credit in high school education, and accumulated a wealth of practical experience. American high school credit system has been developing over one hundred years of history; the United States formed a distinctive pattern. Therefore, the author selected American high school credit as the research object, analyzing the implementation and the characteristics of credit system, trying to provide inspiration and experience for the implementation of China’s high school credit, thereby contributing to the promotion and application of high school credit system in China.This paper uses methods of literature review, historical research and comparative analysis to collect and collate information on the study of American high school credit system. This paper analyzes the background and implementation of high school credit, and summarizes its characteristics and reflects on the implementation of the credit system of in our country high schools. Specifically, the paper is divided into five parts.The first part is an introduction, mainly elaborates the main sources of research, research goal and the significance, and explains the research ideas and methods of the study, and the literature reviewed, and at the end of some of the core concepts.The second part focuses on analyzing the background of American high school credit generated.International context:after the second industrial revolution, with the rapid development of the productive forces in the world, to meet the economic development, education reform is imperative. European countries were widely used two-track educational system, and it has a great impact on the world of education, but it limits the student’s development direction and the drawbacks revealed. Meanwhile, when the popular class system has been unable to meet the economic development, the implementation of the credit system has become a trend. Domestic context:fair and individualized education ideas prevailed in the United States providing ideas guarantee for high school credit. High school introduced elective system and "Carnegie Unit",and the establishment of a comprehensive high school also provided the conditions for American high school credit generated.The third part analyzes the content of credit system of American high schools.This part first analyzes basis for implementation of the American high school credit system, and then by the way of illustration to analyze the United States, school districts and schools the graduation minimum credit requirements, the U.S. high school curriculum and grading hierarchies with the corresponding credit requirements.In addition, this chapter explored course selection guide system and credit system,and class system and credit system.The final analyzes the United States high school credit flows and mutual recognition.The fourth part summarizes the characteristics of the American high school credit. This part focuses summarizes the characteristics of American high school credit:diverse curriculum to meet the individual needs of students; implementing flexible educational system, relatively relaxed hours arrangements; credit for students with streaming effect; credits system focusing on internationalization and convergence programs with universities; credit system is not independent course management system.The fifth part mainly discusses enlightment and thinking from American high school high school credit to us. This part through comparative perspective, based on the characteristics and experiences of American high school credit system, combined with the current situation of China’s high school education, made the following recommendations on the implementation of our high school credit. First, the credit system is a system in close connection with the characteristics of the times and places, and therefore the implementation of the credit system should take into account the actual situation of China’s current high school. Secondly, on this basis, to understand the credit system is a systematic project, it should be combined with the use of elective guidance system, with the college entrance examination reform and curriculum reforms echoes. Thirdiy, the advanced nature of teachers must be ensured to adapt to credit system reform. Finally, credit mutualrecognition system construction should be strengthened to ensure that the rights of students to choice school,and to improve the credit system construction.
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