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Research On The Fear Of The New Teachers

Posted on:2015-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Fear is a kind of social emotional, very common in prehistoric society. Mankind is faced with a common natural fear and religious fear; in an agrarian society, China long-term residents are covered by the imperial power of fear; since the human civilization, with the enhanced ability of the progress of science and technology, the growth of knowledge and human interference with nature of society, type and the way fear gradually change, in modern society, the psychological fear has become the most important type of. The dictionary explanation as "one of the forms of the original emotion. Facing the dangerous situation, trying to get rid of or escape and feel incapable of action of emotional experience ", this explanation focusing on the individual psychological level, more emphasis on the subjective feeling of fear, and fear can teachers belong to psychological fear category.The teacher occupation has a long history, teachers fear as a universal and common social fact, is inseparable with the development of industrial civilization. In the industrial society, the teacher occupation is included in the national standard management system, teachers as a highly discipline characteristic of contemporary society in the occupation, from the aspects of orientation, training, appointment, promotion, assessment, evaluation, continuing education has strict regulation system and One principle runs through it all. behavior patterns.Any society members enter the teaching profession, must go through the existing teacher system re socialization and reformation, which was molded into the qualified people’s teachers.This paper uses the case interview method, through investigating the new teacher in a school in Shunde, Guangdong, the basic situation of the concept and characteristics of teachers, the fear, the types and causes of formation and development, change and trend. Although, what teachers fear comes down to the psychological fear, but judging from the influence factors, research found that, the new teachers fear of teacher system can be divided into four categories: One is the psychological fear, as a psychological mood, new teachers face the conflict between life and occupation role, identity conflict pedagogue and educators, which emerged because of the role adjustment is not smooth and the psychological fears; one is the system of fear, new teachers are faced with environmental assessment method and system new, how will the invisible education activities into education is education system now accepted in the system become confused, new teachers generally faces; one is social phobia, new teachers are faced with both the relationship with colleagues, leadership, and facing a mentor. Subordinate relationship between the students and how to find the balance point, relationship network in the leadership, colleagues, students and self became social questions inevitably; one is the professional fear, teachers are faced with lifelong proposition, this is a choice of teachers as members of society can not avoid the problem, based on professional learning the formation of fear will be accompanied by the new teacher’s occupation career.According to the four different types of forms of fear new teachers facing the present, this paper gives the attribution, respectively, are described from the endogenous and exogenous causes of formation, and the types and the causes for the current teachers fear, four measures are proposed to deal with and manage teachers fear:Teachers’ personal psychological adjustment, school pre job training, professional guidance and counseling, system administrative departments of education focus on the need to improve the evaluation of teachers, evaluation and employment, education reform not only need pay attention to the healthy development of the healthy growth of students, also need to balance the subject of education of teachers.
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