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Analysis Of The Main Influencing Factors On The Sport Life Span Of Chinese And Anmerican Excellent Basketball Athletes

Posted on:2015-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330431958106Subject:Physical Education and Training
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This thesis extensively uses literature research, mathematical statistics,comparative analysis and other methods to explore the main influencing factors on the40basketball athletes age between in China and America. This thesis aims to explorethe main influencing factors on the basketball athlete age between in China andAmerica,by starting from comparison of the age characteristics, investigating the agecharacteristics of players turning to professional and comparing the beginning and thebest age characteristics of athletes retaining the optimum competitive abilities.The findings show that the average age of America basketball athlete turning toprofessional is21.8years,while our country was17.8years, which has significantstatistical significance(P<0.01);The movement life of the America excellent basketballathletes with an average of10.4years,while our country was6.9years,which hassignificant statistical significance(P<0.01).Affecting the basketball athlete age betweenin China and America of training factors are training methods、means and degree oftraining efforts、all the years of systematic and scientific training、the level of physicalquality and the quality of coaches; Sociological factors have the league system, trainingsystem and employment security; Medical factors have injury timely and effectivetreatment and recovery, the importance of the high levels medical team.Suggestions: The players into professionalization early is not good, it should be inthe same level of competition to gain more experience and into a higher level of leagueto lay a solid foundation in the future; At the moment, the communication is not enough,the many training methods of Chinese basketball also lags behind Europe and theUnited States, learning is imperative.
Keywords/Search Tags:excellent, basketball athlete, sport life span, influencing factor
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