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Research On Anti-surge Technology In The Switch

Posted on:2014-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330401471030Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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As a kind of generic Ethernet data transmission equipment, the Industrial Ethernet Switch is widely used in the power industry, rail transportation, petrochemical, industrial automation and other important areas of the national economy. Its reliability is related to the gross national product of all walks of life. In order to avoid the direct and indirect losses caused by the switch performance degradation or failure due to electromagnetic interference, it is very necessary to study switch’s anti-electromagnetic interference. The surge as a main electromagnetic interference factor, has a tremendous impact on the switch. In this paper, I focus on theoretical and experimental validation on the switch’s anti-surge technology for the switch developed in Kyland company.Firstly, some knowledge about the switch have been learned by browsing the references about the basic principles of the switch electromagnetic compatibility during practicing in Kyland company; Secondly, several anti-surge technologies in the switch, such as GDT, MOV and TVS have been investigated to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different surge protection device by using theoretical analysis and experimental simulation; Thirdly, according to the requirement of switch in Kyland company, the surge standard circuits are built and the experiment on standard surge circuit is carried out in reliability laboratory, to verify and test the performance of surge suppression circuit; Finally, through the theoretical analysis and the test, four new surge protection circuits are designed to suppress the switching surges and lightning surge in order to ensure the accuracy of the current and voltage. By using Multisim software, simulations of the designed circuit are carried out to verify the effect of the surge suppression. In addition, a kind of low-voltage universal standard input circuit in the switch is designed. This circuit owns the advantage of simple, structure, low cost, and good resistance to electromagnetic interference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Switch, Electromagnetic Interference, Surge, GDT, MOV, TVS
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