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Research And Implementation Of HD-video Fiber-optical Transmission System Based On FPGA

Posted on:2014-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W LiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330422959328Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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Video transmission system has been widely used in lots of fields nowadays, such asindustrial monitoring,traffic management, radio and television, telemedicine, militarycommunications and reconnaissance. It is one important direction of current video transmissiontechnology to design the remote video transmission system. Fiber optical transmission systemhas lots of advantages, such as long transmission distance, high information content,stronganti-interference ability,and confidentiality. It has become an important means ofcommunication.Pointing at the shortcoming of transferring large-capacity high-definition digital videothrough cable, we put forward that using fiber to transfer the non-compressed high-definitiondigital video. Pointing at the disadvantages of different color interpolation algorithm, the effectof different color interpolation are studied.1.>The software of the high-definition digital video fiber-optical transmission system isimplemented.The FPGA is used as the core chip, the achievement of lots of functions,such as the variousinterpolation algorithm, the timing of serial and de-serial chips and unpack of the received data,are implemented in FPGA. This part is implemented in the Xilinx programming tool ISE, Verilog isused as the programming language. The functional simulation and timing simulation of eachmodule is operated. And control timing of some chip are run in the modelsim. All results arecorrect.2.> The hardware of the high-definition digital video fiber-optical transmission system isimplemented.Hardware platform includes sending section and receiving section. The sending section includeslens board, signal processing board and parallel-to-serial conversion&electro optic conversionboard. The receiving section includes photoelectric conversion module, the serial-to-parallelconversion module and processing circuitry. This system use the ASIC chip GS2972of GENNUMcooperation to achieve the parallel-to-serial conversion and GS2971to achieve theserial-to-parallel conversion. The electro-optical conversion module is used to achieve converting the high-speed serial signal to optical signals, and the photoelectric conversion module is used toimplement converting the high-speed optical signal to electrical signal.2.> The parameter of fiber-optical transmission systemThis system supports SMPTE296M and SMPTE274M, frequency of input clock is74.25MHz, theoutput is1.485Gbps,power consumption of the camera is6w, and the post system is4.1W. The3000meter fiber transmission experiment is successful.This system operates stably, it can achieve real-time transmission, and the picture is clear,we used the3000meter fiber-optic to transfer the high-definition digital video, the experimentresult is perfect. By the way, the operation mode of the system can be changed, it’s a usefulscheme for the remote video transmission system. At the end of the article, a summary andoverview is given. this system has a certain referential significance for other similar product.
Keywords/Search Tags:FPGA, Bayer CFA, color interpolation, parallel-to-serial transform, serial-to-parallel transform
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