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Control System Of Tension Test For Spring Fan Wheel Assembly

Posted on:2015-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C C MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330428481681Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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This topic comes from a spring a design of the control system of test-bed of fan wheel. This topic mainly aimed at fighter planes in the air fast flip, to control the wings back lifting airfoil design, its design is achieved through a control spring fan-shaped wheel on the system of tension control. So this topic is the design goal design step motor closed-loop control system, the core problem is the design of stepper motor driver control system.In this paper, first of all, the structure of stepping motor, drive mode, step motor control algorithms such as basic theory knowledge of the stepper motor is introduced in detail. Then the preliminary design of four different schemes based on motor drive control, list four schemes of their respective characteristics, and on the relative merits of four kinds of schemes are compared, after comparison, finally decided to use the drive control system based on phase sequence controller.Choose the computer as control host of stepping motor drive control, chip L297and phase sequence of L298H drives as a driver, test devoted into the control system of the realization of the overall design idea and design scheme, then the part function module made brief description, design the motor closed-loop drive chips hardware control circuit, and based on the fuzzy control strategy for the system design of the fuzzy PID control model, the control system to make use of the MATLAB simulation, and the results are analyzed. The operation of the system was designed by the use of Visual C++6.0language interface, interface design uses the modular design idea, program structure is clear.In the paper for the system design scheme, hardware composition, software interface, etc are made a detailed description. MATLAB simulation shows that this system through the fuzzy PID control, can make the system has a smaller overshoot and better stability and control of the system has realized the high precision.
Keywords/Search Tags:stepping motor, fuzzy, PID, MATLAB, interface design
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