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The Design Of Temperature Controller Based On AT89C52

Posted on:2014-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2268330428484869Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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Abstract In all aspects of science and Technology (Chemistry, physics, biology, etc.) the temperature measurement and control is very important. In the experimental research and industrial production (such as chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing), temperature is one of the most basic physical quantities of actual condition monitoring of controlled object.In this paper, the design is for the chemical industry and chemical experiments of rapid--beating, slow--cooling temperature measurement and control instrument. System is composed of MCU AT89C52and peripheral measurement, control circuit. With wide temperature range, high precision of the platinum resistance temperature measurement, the data through the AD transform into single chip microcomputer for processing; Use independent type keyboard user custom temperature range; Use a piece of eight common cathode digital display tube to user Settings and timely according to system control the temperature of the object. The user through the keyboard set temperature control range, including temperature, maximum temperature and cooling down the minimum amplitude. Users through the keyboard set temperature control range, including high temperature heating, low temperature drops, and cooling rate value. With single-chip microcomputer control, the rapid increase in temperature controlled object to set temperature peak, and then according to the set of slow cooling rate fell to a minimum set of temperature.General temperature control instrument has the disadvantages such as nonlinearity, time lag and uncertainty. Relies on the classical control algorithm, temperature control system is difficult to achieve better control precision. In this paper, temperature control system adopts AT8952C microcontroller; And through the single-chip microcomputer control procedures, it achieves the common use of classic PID control and fuzzy control algorithm, which can solve the problem of temperature control system of linear differential, time lag seriously and poor measurement accuracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Temperature Control, AT89C52Monolithic Integrated Circuit, Fuzzy Control Algorithm
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