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Design And Implementation Of Smart Home APP Based On Android

Posted on:2015-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2268330428998557Subject:Computer technology
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This topic comes from an IT company’s project called "Smart Home System". Theemergence of the mobile Internet has greatly improved the timeliness and convenience ofthe smart home operation, also it will further promote the development of smart home. Thesmart home application which based on mobile platform has become an indispensable andimportant component of the smart home system. The main content of this topic isdesigning and implementing a smart home APP based on Android, and extracting thereusable middleware.This paper first introduces the development background and significance of smarthome APP, as well as related knowledge and skills. Secondly, according to the softwarerequirement level, analyzes the needs of smart home APP. Then, it gives the overall designof smart home APP, includes the choice of system platform, software architecture design,system function module partition and data structure design, etc. Subsequently, this papermakes a detailed description of the design and implementation of basic functional layerand core functional layer,the modules of these two layers exist in the form of themiddleware. Finally, this paper introduces the detailed design and implementation of userfunctionality.The smart home APP introduced by this paper is an important part of smart homesystem, and there is a high practical value. According to Software layering thought thispaper designs the middleware of smart home app. With the principle of high cohesion andlow coupling, this middlware has much value of reuse. The design idea and developmentmethod of smart home APP based on Android that introduced by this paper also has acertain reference value on application development of the other mobile platform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intelligence Community, Smart Home, Mobile Applications, Android, Middleware
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