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Study On Consumption Behavior Of Mongolian Students In Huhhot

Posted on:2013-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330395966903Subject:Political economy
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Deepening the reform in education, a gradual transition from elite education to popularization of higher education, a great number of students are allowed into the hall of higher education for the expansion of university enrollment. Recently, Hohhot has witnessed an increasingly number of college students. At the same time, the number of Mongolian students has increased owing to the preferential policy to minority nationalities. In social consumption, large groups of college students have become a force to be reckoned with specific consumer group. Mongolian students in Hohhot are part of the more special in it. As being a large group, these students purchasing power is increasing gradually under the influence of modern consumer attitudes、life style、fashion and the mass media. But the problem is their consumption structure is lack of rationality. The consumption preferences and levels of Mongolian students are closely related to their living condition family backgrounds、values、traditional culture and customs. A depth understanding of Mongolian students’consuming behaviors and analyzing the causes are of great importance to cultivate the good spending habits and to establish a positive outlook or values for such special large group.Since the consumption structure、psychological characteristics and behavior—oriented has become the focus and difficulties in theoretical and academic circle, our experts have already given their suggestions and advices by a combination of theory and practice. Firstly, there is more reproducibility study but lack of analysis and summery. Therefore, future research should draw lessons from the achievements of the previous and people should develop their idea more constantly. Secondly, there is a universal characteristic in these studies. That is China as a research object to most of the consumption structure and behavior of university students. As is well known, China is a multinational state, the various nationalities living environment traditional culture、customs and income levels are different. Even though consumption psychology and behaviors of college students of all kinds of nationalities have common laws, there are something particularity. If only we make our research microcosmic and put it in a given area in order to be targeted, can we make our ideas more realistic possibility and operability.The article is divided into the following sections:First, the introduction sector. It focused on introducing the research background and significance. Then give a definition and description to some main concept, such as consumption、consuming behavior of college students、poor behavior、rational consumption and so on. Also the writing features explained to establish the basis points for this paper. Analyze about consumption status of Mongolian students in Hohhot as questionnaire to the starting point to summarize the problem exist in such consumer group. Subsequently, the causes of Mongolian consumer group are explained. Finally the paper proposed solution about guiding Mongolian college students to have rational consumption.On the research methods, a combination of widespread investigation and sample survey、empirical and normative analysis、questionnaire and literature method are taken to confirm theory and practice in order to improve reliability of conclusions.By these studies, the article will provide theoretical supports and solutions to the problem of consumption behavior of contemporary Mongolian college students in order to have an effect on the process of developing and enhancing the consuming attitudes of them.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hohhot, Mongolian college students, consuming attitudes, research
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