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Analysis Of Qingdao City Software Policy

Posted on:2014-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330401484659Subject:Public administration
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Being the industry with the fastest development speed in the word today, software industry is the key to the enhancement of comprehensive national power and the core and soul of IT industry. The development scale and level of software industry have been important measure of the modernization degree and competitiveness of a country. Internationally, both the developed countries and developing countries treat software industry as leading and pillar industry, formulating the development objective and strategy of software industry one after another. Internally, in order to control the commanding point of software industry development, each province and municipality various polices and measures to advance its development. Qingdao city is also faced with the problem of how to enhance the software industry. There, it must conform to and keep up with the new development trend to accurately grasp the rare historical development opportunity and await the proper moment to conduct strategic research on the development of software industry.The first chapter expounds research background of industrial policy and government affairs service environment in Qingdao, the importance to support and promote the development of software and information technology services, the significance to clear and perfect the industrial policy of software science and technology in Qingdao city. The second chapter analyzes the domestic information technology and software industry development at present, discussed the effect of policy implementation of information technology and the software industry in China. The third chapter, first of all, with the developed countries and developing countries on behalf of the United States and India for example, analyzed their information technology and relevant experience and lessons for the development of software industry. Next to many typical software park like Beijing Zhong guan cun software park, Shanghai Pu dong software park, Guangzhou tianhe software park, Dalian software park, Nanjing Yu hua district software park and other typical software park. analyzed and summarized their information technology services industry policy system, enumerates the advanced experience and successful practices. The fourth chapter combines software and information technology services industry policy in Shandong and Qingdao, analyzed the software science and technology policy and government affairs environment in Qingdao city at present situation, and puts forward the gap and problems. Chapter five from the industry organization, investment and financing, tax breaks, regional layout, talents cultivation, industrial technology, software exports, government procurement, distribution of income, intellectual property protection and industry management, Suggestions Is proposed which can effectively promote enterprise software and software science and technology, which can develop the information technology services in Qingdao city, specific measures is proposed which can Optimize the environment of e-government services.
Keywords/Search Tags:software industry, constraints, policy and suggestions
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