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On Hohhot Branch Of China Unicom Channel Conflict Control And Management Strategies Transition

Posted on:2014-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330401963264Subject:Business administration
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With the development of the Information Technology, the requirement on telecomm application is higher and more comprehensive.People’s need is transferring from simple voice to mobile internet application, specially on the high speed requirement on mobile broadband; cell phone is also changing from2G to3G even4G, with the improvement of type and function of intelligent phone, mobile value-added services have been developed rapidly Therefore, it becomes a major problem for operators to concern over improving the enterprise’s income and competition ability and also enhancing customers’ value simultaneously. Further more, the use of traditional marketing methods would waste the enterprise’s resources and get few revenue because of the various kinds of value-added services. Hence, the author presents some strategies for the enterprise based on the study of the accurate marketing.Channel is the most important marketing point, which is very recognized by all service provider. Accurate marketing is more and more popular by network provider. Here, author had done many research based on the Huhehaote branch company of China telecomm in the north marketing Further more, the author also analyzes the internal and external environment and marketing problems of Huhehaote branch company by way of SWOT method, which can be concluded that accurate marketing is the best choice for these enterprises to develop themselves. It elaborates how to mine customer information accurately and reveal the different orientation of customers’ needs from four aspects:customer segmentation, cross-marketing, customer lose and potential customers.The thesis has the guiding significance not only to Huhehaote’s marketing from traditional marketing to the precise marketing,but also has a positive reference meaning and application value for other types of enterprises to carry out.
Keywords/Search Tags:Channel conflict, management, conflict controlcooperation
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