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Empirical Effect Research On China’s Grain Direct Subsidies

Posted on:2013-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330422463867Subject:Western economics
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Food security is an important foundation for national security.In order to promotefood production,China has adopted a series of public fiscal policy,such as the directsubsidies for food production,and it is regarded as the most important,direct and flexiblemeans at this stage.In2004,China adopted the grain direct subsidy policy to stimulate theincrease of grain production and to improve the farmers’ income.Since the implementationof the policy,the food production of China has been keeping increasing in eight successiveyears,the grain production was500million tons again on the steps and reached546million tons in2010.The circle mainly studied the output growth effect and income growtheffect bought by the policy implementation,but has not been formed consensus yet.Based on the exsiting researches,this thesis attempts to invest production growtheffect brought by the grain direct subsidies between the changing of direct subsidies andgrain production since2004. Through the historical data statistics, we can find that since2004, implementation of grain direct subsidies and production growth exsits obviouspositive relationship.Through the measurement test, namely the establishment of theCobb-Douglas production function for regression analysis, we can further confirm theabove conclusion,which shows that the grain output elastic coefficient is0.08%.However,the marginal effect of grain direct subsidy on the grain production existsan obvious decline trend.This paper has discussed the cause of this phenomenon. On thelast part of this thesis,we put forward adjustment direction to the implentation of graindirect subsidies and some possible policy choices.
Keywords/Search Tags:Food security, Grain direct subsidies(GDS), Marginal effect of GDS on the grain production
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