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Enterprise Archives Security System Construction

Posted on:2015-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X R KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330422970086Subject:Archival science
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Archives as an important information resource of the enterprise, is the real records of theenterprises’ activities, as production, management, technology and others, and archives isintangible assets that development synchronously with the enterprise, its security constructionhas very important significance. With the further development of archives security systemconstruction in our country, enterprise archives security guarantee system construction hasbecome one of the important issues of theory and practice research. Building enterprisearchives not only conforms to the environment of constructing national archives securitysystem, but also can improve enterprise archives security management level, to provide betterservices for enterprise development.From the systematic, comprehensive, developmental perspective, article describe theenterprise archives security system construction work on the whole grasp, in reference to thetheory and practice of the existing research results, on the basis of literature study,investigation study method, comparative analysis and other research methods, explore theproblem of enterprise archives security guarantee system. Full text is divided into four parts:the first part is the introduction, introduce the enterprise archives security systemconstruction’s research background and significance, research status at home and abroad,the article research content, structure and research methods; The second part analyzes thepresent situation in the construction of our country enterprise archives security, and analyzesthe problems in enterprise archives safety construction; The third part is the outline ofenterprise archives security guarantee system construction, based on the analysis of enterprisearchives safety guarantee system construction guidance, on the basis of theory and theconstruction principle, expounds the construction of enterprise arc hives security systemframework; The fourth part puts forward the strategy, the implementation of the constructionenterprise archives security system mainly from the perfect laws and regulations standard,strengthening the management system, improved protection technolo gy, cultivatingprofessional talents, put forward the relevant suggestion to perfect the supervision mechanism;Finally is the conclusion of the article section, summarize the main points and limitations ofpaper, and prospects the future related research work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise archive, Archives security, Archives security system, Constructional strategy
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