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Research On Knowledge Sharing Mechanism Of Technology Innovationalliance In Strategic Emerging Industry

Posted on:2014-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330425480590Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The development of knowledge-based economy is very rapid in the21st century.Strategic emerging industry becomes the major force for the development of the worldeconomy. Knowledge sharing and innovation are the key features of the industry technologyinnovation alliance which has become the major form of organization for the industrialtechnology innovation. The alliance can not only promote industrial structure upgrading butalso has a positive effect on the development of new industries. The technology innovationalliance of strategic emerging industry is still in its early period of development in china. Butthe low innovation efficiency in the alliance which due to uncertainty, risk and independencein the innovation process need the members of the alliance to share the risk and innovationresult in order to lay a solid foundation for the technology innovation and industrialization.From the current situation, the knowledge sharing mechanism among the enterprises,universities and scientific research institutions in the alliance has not achieved. Thus for themacro requirements of the independent innovation strategy and industrial structureupgrading together with the micro requirements of the technology innovation andcommercialization of the alliance members, the knowledge sharing mechanism among theenterprise, universities and scientific research institutions in the alliance is analyzed.Firstly, this dissertation analyzes the elements of knowledge sharing in the technologyinnovation alliance of the strategic emerging industry. Subject, object, environment andother factors that has a significant influence on knowledge sharing in the alliance areanalyzed in view of the fact that the industry and alliance are still in the early stages ofdevelopment.Secondly, based on the main factors for the knowledge sharing in the alliance,evolutionary game theory is used to build the evolutionary game mode among the knowledge sharing members respectively in the market mechanism and external oversight mechanism.Then the equilibrium state of the game model in the above mechanisms is analyzed and theevolution law of knowledge sharing is summarized.Thirdly, based on the summary of the evolution law of knowledge sharing, formationprocess of the knowledge sharing in the alliance is analyzed and the foundation andformation tactics of knowledge sharing of the members in the alliance are concluded. Basedon the above conclusions and the theory of mechanism, mechanism of the knowledge sharingis put forward.Finally, according to the analysis of knowledge sharing in TD technology innovationalliance, the development status of the TD industry is researched. The strategy of theknowledge sharing from the establishment to the development process in the alliance isanalyzed. Based on the above analysis, knowledge sharing mechanism of technologyinnovation alliance in TD industry is summarized and it is hoped that the suggestion can playa role in the establishment of knowledge sharing mechanism in other alliances.
Keywords/Search Tags:mechanism of knowledge sharing, strategic emerging industries, technology innovation alliance, evolutionary game
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