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The Credit Risk Management Of Chinese Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

Posted on:2014-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of China’s economy and market economy gradually perfect, the quantity and quality of Chinese small and medium enterprises are also constantly improve, the county small and medium enterprises to economic boost and also growing in importance in the development of society, but the county small and medium enterprises in the process of development there are still many restricting factors, the most typical is the difficulty in financing. Commercial Banks to small and medium-sized enterprise credit business is the core of risk management, this article takes the agricultural bank of the new city branch county as an example, the small and medium-sized enterprise credit management according to the characteristics of the Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises and the characteristics of the credit risk, the exploration is based on our country commercial bank practical and meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprise credit credit risk management theory and method, through to the agricultural bank of the new city branch county small and medium-sized enterprise credit management Suggestions in order to give other county small business credit risk management in commercial Banks to deal with to provide certain reference significance.Thesis mainly in the perspective of credit business risk, with the county financial credit as the theme, to determine the main risk source county credit business risk as the foundation, to the county credit business risk prevention as the starting point, the county county credit credit business risk control as the key point and the business risk resolve as end point, the credit risk management of the county supporting measures to guarantee, so as to establish a whole process control in our country the operability of county credit business risk.Thesis consists of six parts:The first part, introduction, describes the research background, purpose and significance of thesis, research status of credit risk management theory of domestic and foreignbusiness reviews and evaluation, and explains the research ideas, logic framework, method.The second part, the credit business of Commercial Bank of our country overall situation, the overall situation are introduced.The third part, the county small and medium-sized enterprise credit risk factor analysis, the influence of the county of small and medium-sized enterprise credit risk, internal and external factors are analyzed.The fourth part, analysis of the current situation of credit risk management of small and medium enterprises County, mainly in the Agricultural Bank sub-branch as an example to analyze the status of risk management, and puts forward the existing problems. In depth study of risk management, is the core of the thesis.The fifth part, countermeasures and proposals to improve the risk management level of county SME’s credit business, mainly from the strengthening of soft and hard information review; improve the antifraud detection level for enterprise data-structure abnormality; to strengthen the integration of the credit process, using the modern credit risk evaluation method; carry out the credit risk mitigation measures, strengthening the key-customer management; risk management methods the credit product innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises; to construct six aspects of risk rating system for small and medium enterprises county put forward countermeasures and suggestions.The sixth part, summarizes the full text.
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