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Carbothermal Reduction Synthesis AION Powder Of α-Al2O3 And Pressureless Sintered Transparent Ceramics

Posted on:2016-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2271330470978549Subject:Materials engineering
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Cubic spinel structure of AlON ceramic in the near (UV-IR) wavelength range has good transparency, excellent mechanical properties, it is an ideal structure and function integration polycrystalline ceramic material, with a wide range of applications in wireless electronic technology, special equipment manufacturing and other fields.In this paper, α-Al2O3 as raw material, carbon source (charcoal powder and sub-micron powder), powder content (4.8~5.8 wt.%) and powder synthesis process (one-step heating method, two-step heating method) AlON powder structure and its optical properties of transparent ceramics, then add 0.5 wt.% Y2O3in the synthesis of AlON powder as a sintering aid, pressureless sintering technology and further study of sintering temperature (1500 ℃~1900 ℃) and the influence of AlON density and optical properties on transparent ceramics caused by holding time (0 min,30 min,60 min and 150 min).The results showed that:activated carbon powder and submicron carbon as carbon all can synthesize pure phase AlON powder, but after milling AlON powder activated carbon powder synthesized smaller particle size D50=1.96μm, show that activated powder as carbon powder synthesized AlON is grounded easily, more suitable for preparing a high transmittance AlON transparent ceramics, powder fter milled of a two-step heating AlON synthesis particle size is smaller and faster densification, when heated to 1800 ℃ (no insulation), the relative density of the sample reached 97.8 percent, when activated carbon powder content is 5.0 wt.%, at 1820℃ and 1880℃ high transmittance were prepared AlON transparent ceramics, the largest infrared transmittance about 79%.
Keywords/Search Tags:α-Al2O3, AION, transparent ceramics, carbothermal reduction, pressureless sintering
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