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Study Tetrahedral Carbon-based Photocatalytic Oxidation Of Cyclohexane And Cyclohexanol

Posted on:2017-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2271330482488171Subject:Chemical engineering
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A series of visible light responsive hollow sulfated V-doped TS-1photocatalysts with different dopant contents has been prepared by impregnation and evaluated in the selective photo-oxidation of cyclohexane with molecular oxygen. K oil is the main raw material for the production of adipic acid industry. It is a kind of novel mesoporous materials that enwrapped tetrahedral titanium into the framework of silieon molecular sieve. TS-1 catalyst support with structural stability,high catalytic performance of nature.TS-1 band gap is 3.2ev, to absorb wavelengths less than about 387 nm UV can have photocatalytic activity.By doping vanadyl sulfate to change its band gap, it has a catalytic activity under visible. Doped with 1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, 9% for research, the research indicates that the best catalytic 5%. Molecular oxygen as the oxidant, the pressure is 1atm, 35 W visible light source, the reaction 6h,the conversion of cyclohexane was 14.5% and the total selectivity of KA oil 94%.Cyclohexene oxide also attracted research interest in the majority of chemists, Cyclohexene light synthetic peroxide heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane, 2-hexyl alcohol, 2-cyclohexenone, these types of products are important industrial raw materials. Using not only a wideautoclave can not control products, and energy consumption. In this paper,the light reaction pathways well solve the above problems, and the present experiment without solvent and at normal temperature and pressure induced by visible light reaction. In this study, silver nitrate supported on TS-1 molecular sieve as a catalyst, molecular oxygen as the oxidant, the pressure is 1atm, 35 W as the light source of visible light, for10 hours, cyclohexene conversion was 8.6%, alcohol and cyclohexane ring the total selectivity of 95.5% cyclohexenone.The experiment uses a series of characterization methods to characterize the catalyst, the use of UV-Vis, FT-IR, X-ray, XRD, XPS,TEM.
Keywords/Search Tags:TS-1, cyclohexane, KA oil, cyclohexene, 2-cyclohexenone, 2-cyclohexenol
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