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Study Of Oxidation Of Cyclopentene To Glutaric Anhydride

Posted on:2015-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2271330485490789Subject:Chemical engineering
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In this paper, Glutaric acid and glutaric anhydride with high added value are prepared by cyclopentene, as raw material, from the C5 byproducts of petrochemical and coal gasification, The main work is as follows:Glutaric acid is an important chemical material and essential feed-stock which has been used in the fields of chemistry, architecture, medicine, agriculture,and so on. In this paper, in the absence of organic solvent and phase-transfer reagent,the catalytic oxidation of cyclopentene to glutaric acid can be achieved by using 30%H2O2 as oxidant in the presence of tungstic acid and acidic organic additive. The results indicated that the optimal condition of reaction is reactant ratio of n(H2WO4): n(TMD)=1,n(CPE):n(H2O2)= 1:5, reaction temperature 90℃, reaction time 5 h and catalyst content 2.5%.Yield of glutaric acid could reach 99.5%. Its melt point and assay were 96~98℃.The results of IR analysis show that the structure of product is corroborant.Glutaric anhydride is an important fine chemical intermediates and chemical raw materials, has many excellent properties, has a very wide range of applications in medicine, plastics, synthetic rubber and the other areas. Glutaric anhydride are prepared by glutaric acid,the raw material of high purity from the above experiments, with acetic anhydride. A high activity of LC-1 new catalysts was found. The results indicated that the optimal condition of reaction is reactant ratio of n(Acetic anhydride):n(GAC)=1.05, reaction temperature 60℃, reaction time 3 h and catalyst content 0.2%. Yield of the product is up 98.5% in better conditions.According to the above research results, process design and simulation studies of glutaric anhydride on the main problems were analyzed in detail by Aspen Plus. The influences of some factors on the process results, such as the reaction conversion rate, refiner plates, the operating pressure and reflux ratio were investigated. The results were checked, the production process of a continuous production of 2000 t/a glutaric anhydride was established, indicating that this process is reasonable, feasible technology, with great industrial guidance value.
Keywords/Search Tags:cyclopentene, hydrogen peroxide, oxidation, catalysis glutaric acid, glutaric anhydride
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