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Research On Super-capacitor-based Storage System For Regenerative Braking Energy In Metro-transit Systems

Posted on:2015-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2272330422980475Subject:Power system and its automation
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By installing Energy Storage System, we can utilize the regenerative braking energy of the Metrovehicles. Supercapacitor are widely used in this kind of storage system applications withinstantaneous high power energy due to its high power density and fast charge&dischargeperformance.Now the existing SCESS used in regenerative braking energy is often limited below750V DC power supply system, as for those more than1500V, research still need to be made.Thisarticle mainly focused on the SCESS used in1500V subway power supply system. Following mainissues need to be studied when designing SCESS including the design of the bidirectional converter,design of the inverter control strategy and design of the other control circuit as well as the usedsoftware.Considered the design requirements of SCESS, the topology of two multi-phase-parallelBuck/Boost converters connected serieal in the high voltage side is chosed as the main circuit.Working principle of the chosen circuit is analysed. Base on this, component patameteter is designed,including the power switches, the input filter, the output filter and the snubber circuit.Then the system controlis analyzed, consisting the energy management requirements and thebalance control requirement for the high voltage side. The control strategies are presented afterdiscussing the methods used in other papers. Simulations are done with the Saber software and theresults show validity of the strategies. And the control circuit and software are following introduced.Based on the designed parameters of the converter, devices are chosed and loss condition isanalysed accordingly. Control circuit and required software are developped for steady operation of thesystem.A prototype is constructed. The prototype has been tested and experimental conditions andresults were given under1/5of the rated voltage level and1/2nominal voltage level. The resultsprove that the main technical indexes can achieve the goal basically.
Keywords/Search Tags:regenerative braking energy of the Metro vehicles, SuperCapacitor, Energy StorageSystem, energy management control strategy, balance control
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