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Research On Fault Self-recovery Of Distribution Systems In Active Distribution Network Based On Multi-agent Technology

Posted on:2016-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D D LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330464471545Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the increasingly rich connotation of power system, the security, environmental requirement and reliability of traditional power system cannot meet the requirements of the smart grid any longer. Distributed Energy Resource(DER)which is connected to the grid casually in a large scale may exert adverse effects on steady operation and power quality of the entire power system. On account of the high incidence of faulting in distribution network, the trend of developing a smart grid is asking for requirements to its self-recovery after fault and the way to resume power supply. Studying the converter control strategies in DER can help improve the reliability and flexibility of the grid. Besides, the multi-agent technology is applied in many industrial fields. The combined usage of the flexibility of converter and multi-agent technology to restore power is becoming a new development trend.The way of waiting for maintenance after cutting off the electricity power to correspond the fault in traditional gird may cause serious influences involving the human resources, material resources and financial resources. With the development of smart grid, active distributed network proposed by the working group CIGRE6.11, is the advanced form of smart gird. And fault self-healing and autonomy are its basic characteristics. To make full use of DER to restore power supply, this paper make a research on the division of autonomous regions in ADN firstly. Then, the mathematical model of converter is set up and also the droop control strategy is applied with the relative control parameters designed.With the multi-agent technology’s rising application in power engineering, this paper analyzes the functionality characteristics and communication language of multi-agent system(MAS). According to the presented architecture of ADN, a fully distributed MAS related to power restore in this paper is proposed by deploying an agent on each component in autonomous region. In this paper, power restoring procedures has been divided into three steps: fault location, fault isolation and recovery. And the whole process of recovering power supply is analyzed. In order to achieve the intelligent, inter-operable and configurable characteristics of devices from different manufacturers, the mapping of MAS and IEC 61850 are studied, which realizes the integration of MAS’s distributed control feature and information model of IEC 61850.Afterwards, the paper studies the influences caused by DER on ADN. Simultaneously, an ADN fault optimization model is proposed combined with line capacity and priority of power supply restore and also operation mode and control strategies of DER. The objective function and constraints are demonstrated in the proposed model. Based on this, the ADN self- recovery program is designed according to the three-phase ground fault of feeders.And the ADN fault self-recovery of MAS which is based on IEC 61850 is applied in the program.At last, two experiments are carried out to verify the theoretical analysis. Matlab simulation experiment: An ADN model is built in MATLAB and afterwards a fault self-recovery simulation in MATLAB is executed.MAS designing experiment: An ADN fault self-recovery of MAS on the JADE platform is designed by using the JAVA programming language. And the recovery experiment is simulated on the JADE against the three-phase grounding fault, which has realized the information interaction between agents in the process of recovery; Simulation results show that the proposed MAS has realized the integration of devices from different manufacturers and can realize the fault location, isolation and power supply recovery quickly and effectively, thus improving the reliability and security of ADN power supply.
Keywords/Search Tags:Active distribution network, Multi-agent technology, IEC 61850, Power supply recovery, Distributed Energy Resourses
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