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The Development Of Modular Portable Raman Spectrometer System

Posted on:2015-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2272330467469444Subject:Software engineering
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Raman spectroscopy analysis technology is a kind of non-contact analysis technology,based on Raman scattering effect. It can be used to analyze the material composition andstructure of qualitative and quantitative. Just for these characteristics: fast, non-destructive,real-time and can be repeated, it is becoming a hotspot in the field of analytical chemistry.Traditional Raman spectroscopy in laboratory has the characteristics of high sensitivity,high resolution and wide spectral range, this kind of instrument is huge, the samplingprocess complex, long time of analysis, operation is highly complex, not suitable foron-site rapid detection. Most domestic optical spectrometer components and instrumentalanalysis company is production and sale of separation or optical system, some are foreignbrands agent. B&W, Optics, Ocean USA British Renishaw several famous foreign brands,by virtue of its advanced technology Chinese even in a monopoly position in the globalmarket.How to let more people benefit from Raman analysis technology´╝îHow to let Ramanspectrometer software easier to use, How to ensure more acc the identification results aremore accurate and reliable, is the focus of this paper. This paper presents a design idea of amodular portable Raman spectrometer: optical, laser, electronics and other hardwareplatform based on the existing different manufacturers, design a modular portable Ramanspectrometer can be combined. In the spectral identification using automatic recognition,this let the complex spectral interpretation work as easier as possible. In order to realizethese ideas, the following theory are used: design pattern theory, spectral preprocessingalgorithm, spectrum identification algorithm and the pattern recognition technology.1. In the overall design idea: For acquisition the raw spectrum data throughcommunication interface based on simple factory. Through the spectral data preprocessing,the processed spectral data can be used to automatic identification. Identification bycombining the characteristic peak recognition and pattern recognition method to completethe qualitative and quantitative. Each link is used modular design, and proposes a modular system solution.2. In order to unify the interface of different hardware platform, and to make theseparation of software and hardware, this paper provides a unified communicationinterface based on simple factory theory.3. In order to solve spectral smoothing problem in pretreatment problem. This paperproposes a smoothing method based on cubic B-spline, this algorithm has the followingadvantages: simple logic, easy programming. From the fitting results, it can not only keepthe original features but also can effectively improve the signal to noise ratio.4. In order to solve qualitative and quantitative analysis in automatic identification.This paper proposed a regression model to establish quantitative, and an Algorithm tojudge the characteristic peaks.5. In the actual application, after product development is developed, a good effecthas been made in the following field: food security, criminal investigation, fakeidentification.
Keywords/Search Tags:portable Raman spectrometer, spectral preprocessing algorithm, automatic identification algorithm of Raman spectrum
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