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Performance Research On Oil Shale Waste Residue Asphalt Mortar

Posted on:2016-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G X ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330467497483Subject:Road and Railway Engineering
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Oil shale is a kind of solid combustible fossil fuels, oil content is generally higherthan3.5%, shale rich in mineral resources in our country. The oil shale is mainly used forrefining shale oil and using the suspension combustion power generation, because of itshigh degree of mineralization, oil content is low, so the waste residue generation rate isvery high. With the development of oil shale resources, oil shale ash emissions continue toincrease. Therefore, seeking a large number of consumption to a can use the way ofcomprehensive utilization of oil shale ash is becoming more and more get people’sattention.This article selects the oil shale residue and oil shale Power slag two kinds of oil shaleash powder as inorganic modifier and asphalt respectively mucilage test as the researchobject, on the chemical and physical properties of two kinds of oil shale ash are analyzed,summarized the oil shale ash powder mixing construction technology of asphalt rubberpaste, in order to study the oil shale ash powder mucilage whether the performance ofasphalt and mineral powder mucilage asphalt, the performance of the oil shale ash powdermucilage asphalt tested three indicators, respectively penetration experiment, ductility andsoftening point test analyzes the oil shale ash powder, high and low temperatureperformance of asphalt mortar and thermal properties, use "by the" normalization methodto determine the optimum content of oil shale ash powder. On the basis of the above test,from the point of rheology, through the analysis of the dynamic shear rheometer type twokinds of oil shale ash powder asphalt mortar and the performance of asphalt mortar; Andunder the best dosage of Marshall stability test and freeze-thaw splitting test, hightemperature rutting test and low temperature bending test performance, proving the bestdosage of oil shale ash powder asphalt mixture performance, proving the best dosage of oilshale ash powder asphalt mixture performance, make the following concrete work:1. Two kinds of oil shale ash has certain gradation composition, its apparent density isrelatively small, bibulous rate is bigger, have certain shear strength, good bearing capacity,two kinds of oil shale ash with gradation composition, has certain shear strength, goodbearing capacity;2. Summarized the oil shale ash powder preparation process of asphalt mortar, the two kinds of oil shale ash powder asphalt mortar has carried on the penetration experiment,ductility and softening point test, according to the three major indexes data frompenetration index, the equivalent brittle point and equivalent softening point;3. By comparing the penetration index system, using the "unitary method" in threedosage given to calculate the optimal dosage and plural shear modulus were measured withdynamic shear rheometer G and δ phase Angle of the delta, by comparing the anti-ruttingfactor G sinδdelta;4. Under the best dosage of asphalt mixture Marshall test, high temperature ruttingtest and freeze-thaw splitting test, trabecular bending test, the results performed well, useof oil shale ash powder instead of mineral powder and the performance of asphalt mixturehas a certain improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Oil shale waste Slag powder, Asphalt mortar, Bending strain energy, Orthogonal test, viscoelastic
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