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Research On Energy Management For Local Distribution Network Considering Electric Vehicles And Renewable Energy

Posted on:2016-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330467979131Subject:Electrical engineering
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Facing the worldwide energy crisis and environmental pollution aggravation. Due to the advantages of energy saving and environmental friendly, electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy are gradually introduced to the power system. However, EVs’ charging behavior is random in time and space, which may impact the load, running and planning of power distribution network when large-scale EVs charging uncontrolled. At the same time, the EV can also be used as mobile energy storage to maintain system power balance, track the renewable energy output and provide support services for power system. Therefore, the research on dispatching control of EVs has important theoretical and practical significance.This thesis concentrates on the energy management strategy for local distribution network including EVs and renewable energy. The main works and specific researches are as follows:(1) First, the research background and significance of energy dispatching and management of distribution network with EVs and renewable energy are introduced. The development statuses of EVs at home and abroad are also described. Second, an introduction of the present situation of energy management and its optimization algorithm in the distribution network containing EVs is done. Then the problem that few researches consider the numbers and energy state of EVs during the energy management process is pointed out.(2) The thesis analyzes the influence factors on EV load, such as the EV number and type, the operation characteristic and requirement for charging, the power characteristics and energy supply mode. And the concept and mode of vehicle to grid (V2G) technology are introduced. On these bases, the simulation model of EV is established, as well as the statistical model of driving behavior and the relationship model of state of charge (SOC) with driving mileage. Then the simulation method based on statistical model and the calculation method for load of EVs charging uncontrolled are described.(3) The distribution network structure for different types of access of distributed generation, energy storage, EVs and other units are research. This thesis proposes a hybrid algorithm based on genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization algorithm, and described the basic idea and operation. The energy management model of using EVs to stabilize the renewable energy power generation is taken as an example; the simulations verify the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. The results also show that, compared with the free charging, optimizing the management of charging and discharging can achieve the purpose of energy optimization and management more effectively.(4) In the view of energy management for local distribution network, this article builds the power calculation model according to SOC of EVs’battery. Then a strategy considering the power of PV and EVs, the period division of time of use price and the SOC of energy storage was proposed in this paper. On the basis, an energy management model was established to reduce the operation cost, and the power of EVs was used as optimization variables. Finally, taking the actual local distribution network as an example, the simulations verified the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed method.
Keywords/Search Tags:electric vehicle, renewable energy, local distribution network, energymanagement, genetic particle swarm optimization algorithm
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