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Design And Research On Four Quadrant Inverter Drive Control System For Crane

Posted on:2014-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330482954471Subject:Control engineering
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The rapid development of economic construction, hoisting machinery and equipment has played an indispensable role in material handling and transportation and industrial installation. Four quadrant inverter drive control system for crane is studied in this paper.Because of un-controlled rectifier, general inverter has some drawbacks, such as low ac-side power factor, big current ripple. By replacing the un-controlled rectifier of general inverter with PWM rectifier, dual-PWM variable-frequency system is realized. This kind of device can actively eliminate ac-side harmonic pollution of inverter, raise ac-side power factor, realize energy bidirectional flow, especially suitable for crane applications.In this paper, dual-PWM variable-frequency system has been divided into two parts in the aspects of circuit structure and function:PWM rectifier and PWM inverter. In this paper, direct current control of outer loop voltage the inner current loop control scheme in the DQ coordinates is designed for the grid side PWM rectifier; direct torque control scheme is designed for PWM inverter of motor side.On the basis of theoretical analysis, the crane variable frequency speed control system simulation model based on PWM rectifier and classical direct torque control is designed in the Matlab/simulink. Both the electric state and generating state simulation are taken into account and the simulation results show that the designed four quadrant inverter drive control system for crane is feasible.Finally, the hardware and software of four quadrant variable frequency driving control system for a crane is designed in this paper. The hardware design part mainly includes the main circuit, the grid side voltage, current sampling, DC bus voltage sampling and motor side current sampling and encoder interface circuit. The software design part mainly gives flow chart of main program, PWM rectifier of the grid side direct torque control of the motor side and concrete realization method of SVPWM.
Keywords/Search Tags:PWM rectifier, direct torque control, crane, four quadrant converter
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