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Research On Integrated Control Strategy Of Microgrid Based On Virtual Synchronous Generator

Posted on:2017-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330485464277Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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Because the traditional power grid, high-capacity power generation, there is a lot of power consumption during transmission over long distances, and because of our vast country, there is still a difficult problem of electricity in many remote areas. And today’s energy shortage problem has become increasingly prominent, so that distributed generation technologies have emerged since the micro-grid concept put forward, favored by researchers and research enthusiasts in many countries. With the development of micro-grid, the core control technology is more and more attended. Micro-grids are introduced in this paper the traditional control strategy and pointed out its shortcomings, in reference to the synchronous generator control based on a new type of virtual synchronous generator VSG (Virtual Synchronous Generator) technology, and simulation and experimental verification of the effectiveness of control strategies and advanced.Firstly, in reference to the traditional power grid synchronous generator control technology, we propose a new VSG control methods, namely the control method to establish electrical and mechanical models, and design the power frequency excitation and controller, analysis SVPWM control algorithm, and finally completed the overall structure of the control algorithm to build VSG and analyzed.Secondly, building models in MATLAB/Simulink simulation software, first use of VSG technology for dynamic simulation of system, VSG is verified by simulation of control effectiveness and feasibility. Through under the same conditions, respectively, using the droop control method and VSG control method simulation analysis, comparative analysis of simulation results, simulation results show that, VSG algorithm can greatly reduce the system load due to frequent fluctuation on frequency stability, and the droop control method could not achieves this effect, thus validating advantages and superiority of the VSG control method.Finally, by building a single micro-grid energy storage system experimental platform for experiments, respectively, main circuit design of hardware circuit and control circuit design and VSG software implementation of control algorithms. First VSG method is used in the experiment platform for low-power experiments to verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the control method, and under the same conditions, respectively, using the droop control method and virtual method VSG in inertia experiment, comparative analysis of the experimental results by the two methods of control. Experimental results show that the VSG control method due to the presence of virtual inertia, when the system load fluctuations, the use of VSG control methods to maintain the stability of the system frequency have the advantage than the droop control methods.
Keywords/Search Tags:micro-grid, inverter, virtual synchronous generator technology, Droop control, frequency stability
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