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Analysis Of A Wireless Power Transmission System Based On Magnetic Resonant Coupling Of Multiple Receivers

Posted on:2017-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330485498998Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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Wireless power transmission becomes a hot research topic gradually. Magnetically coupled resonant wireless power transmission system can transfer energy using the resonance principle for intermediate and long distance transmission, and it has high research value and significance. At present, there have been a lot of analysis and device applications about resonant coupling wireless power transmission system of single load. While, the research of multi-load resonant coupling wireless power transmission system is less.This article did some research mainly about multi-load wireless power transmission system. The theoretical part included system modeling, simulation analysis and experimental tests. The experiment part proved the theory and performance analysis by designing transformation circuit module and the effect of the construction of the hardware platform.In the aspect of modeling, the article gave two different modeling methods. This article builded model for the system from the theory of equivalent circuit because the coupling mode theory had certain restrictive in the problem of parameter design.Through formula derivation and simulation analysis, the transmission characteristics of power and efficiency were gained. The effect of resonance frequency, inductance coil, transmission distance and load resistance parameters with transmission characteristics of the system were analyzed concretely.In the aspect of theory analysis, the system optimal transmission distance and optimal load values were gained. By analyzing the frequency division and capacitance compensation, the method of selection of compensation topology was given. The article began to analysis the multi-load system. The better transmission range of distance and the coupling coefficient of performance of system were gained then. Through system modeling and simulation analysis, the article proposed the best transmission system status and power allocation methods. The best general type transmission conditions and power distribution of multi-load were obtained by derivation and analysis.In the aspect of test, the transformation circuit module and the corresponding driver circuit were designed. A half bridge inverter circuit was obtained by testing the rationality of the design. The bulbs being the loads of the system under different positions were lit up successfully by experiment. During data test, the relationship between distance and the performance of the system was given.The optimal distance of the loads in coaxial and opposite side are 15 cm and 17cm, and the efficiency is 42.43%. The optimal distance of the loads in coaxial and equilateral are 13 cm and 26 cm, the efficiency is 38.21%. The transmission characteristic and power distribution of the system were proved to be that they were basic consistency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless power transmission, Coupled magnetic resonance, Power distribution, Best transfer state, Inverter circuit
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