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A Study On The Strategy Of Developing Small Micro - Enterprise Credit Business In China 's Commercial Banks

Posted on:2015-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of our market economy, small and micro enterprises becomes more and more important to our national economy and social development and as the primary impetus behind the economy growth, it will give full employment, economy growth and social stability a great push forward. However, shortage of fund has had a sever impact on the survive of the small and micro enterprises, and has been restricting the the development of the small mico-enterprise. Obviously,financing problem has become the bottleneck for the growing economy. Therefore, it is urgent for our country to find effective ways to solve the problem of fund raising, to push the fast and healthy development of the small and micro enterprises.In recent years, with the rocketing growth of liberalization of interset rate,financial disintermediation and E-business heading toward finance, commercial banks in our country are turning to change their business philosophy and begin to expand the finace service for small and micro enterprises in order that they will have a place in the market.However, commercial banks take more risks in developing credit businesses for small mico-enterprise than in facing the large and medium-sized enterprises because for small and micro enterprises, it has a big management risk and has problems of information asymmetry,backward system in information disclosure and no guarantee in mortgage,etc.Meanwhile,commercial banks in our country are facing problems of deficiency of general account opening,big ratio in bad loan, high cost and the team having difficult in adjusting to the development of businesses in traditional model and competing with the same trade.As the pioneer in exploring credit businesses for small mico-enterprise,S bank has made an enormous achievement.In this paper,it will mainly discuss how S bank solve the problems when developing credit businesses for small mico-enterprise and how to serve small mico-enterprise financing businessed well,in the end it will conclude a successful experience of S bank in exploring credit businesses for small mico-enterprise.This paper will suggest to implement five policies—exploring a general mode in client,controlling risks more efficient, optimizing the process of small and micro enterprises loan, strengthening the human resources management and carrying out differentiation competition, hoping that it will innovate to credit businesses for small mico-enterprise and shed light on the developing credit businesses for small and micro enterprises for our financial institutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial banks, small and micro enterprises, financial services
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