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Research On The Optimization Of Performance Management Mechanism Of Customer Manager In

Posted on:2014-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2279330434972406Subject:Senior management of industrial and commercial management
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Customer manager is the most variety, complicated, technical and comprehensive position in the commercial banks, which plays a very important role during commercial banks set up their enterprises’ image and gain the competitive advantage. Customer managers are responsible for the vast majority of marketing work, such as loans and deposits, bank cards, electronic banking, and intermediate business, etc. Besides, customer manager is the most basic and important business unit of commercial banks that make a significant contribution to benefit. At the same time, commercial mangers charge with the responsibility of the risks of loans. As a result, customer managers’ performance management is the most important part of commercial banks’ performance management.This article analyzed the performance management of3domestic commercial banks which are providing financial services for the small and micro enterprise, then combined the actual conditions of TL bank, put forward the mechanism optimization for the TL commercial Bank’s performance management of customer managers and simulated the effect of the optimized plan. In the last place, this article made pre-arranged planning for the possibly coming problems. Finally, this article got the following conclusions:Firstly, the current performance management system of TL commercial Bank can’t meet the development needs. As the result, the performance management system of customer managers needs to reform rather than revolute. The system has to be improved, optimized, stringed and solidified peacefully.Secondly, the optimization of the Product Pricing System can effectively improve the level of the performance management of customer managers.Thirdly, the rank of customer managers should be judged by the overall quality, such as professional accomplishment which including, but not limited to" the control ability of credit risks, qualification authentication, knowledge level, entire period of actual operation, professional ability, coaching abilities and management ability".Fourthly, the product pricing system based on historical data can’t completely meet the needs of performance optimization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban commercial banks, Customer manager, Performance management, Mechanism optimization, TL commercial bank, F83
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