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The Trapping Effect Of Sex Attractant And The Preparation Of Sexual Interference Microcapsules Of Apolygus Lucorum

Posted on:2016-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In this paper, the trapping effect of Apolygus lucorum sex attractant was studied in the wine vineyard. Based on the trapping, population dynamics was monitored and the relationship between the number of A. lucorum population and related meteorological factors were analyzed. At the same time, the preparation process of the interference agent, hexyls butyrate microcapsules and the influence of different preparation conditions on the quality of the microcapsules were studied systematically. The optimal conditions for the preparation were determined by orthogonal design. Not only the indexes of microcapsules such as the particle sizes distribution, the covering rate, the strength of cystic walls, release rate and so on, but also the field efficacy of the interference agent and microcapsules were determined.The main results as follows:1. The most suitable hanging height of the trap was 1.5 m in the field. The traps with two lure cores caught much more adults. The suitable distance between hexyls butyrate vials and traps was 5 m. A. lucorum adults were active in the evening. There were four peaks in the seasonal dynamics. Average temperature and relative humidity had great influences on the number of A. lucorum adults.2. The effect of the capsule core ratio and other factors on the quality of the microcapsules was studied by phase separation method. Based on relevant indicators,the types and amounts of materials were determined. According to the single factor experiments, four factors which had great influences on quality of the microcapsules were selected to carry out orthogonal tests. The results showed that the concentration of PVA 0.5%(m/v), emulsifier concentration 0.5%(m/v), ethyl acetate concentration12%(v/v), controlled release agent concentration 0.6%(m/v) were the optimum preparation conditions. Relevant indicators of microcapsules were measured. The drug loading and encapsulation rate of microcapsules which under the optimal conditions prepared were 21.51%, 91.94% respectively. The microcapsules had smooth appearance, uniform distribution of particle sizes, high strength of capsule walls and the releasing property was good.3. The results of field efficacy showed that the microcapsules of the sexual interference had the influences on mating behavior of A. lucorum and the trapping decreased significantly. The spawning amounts of A. lucorum in sample areas where placed the sexual interference vials were less than that in the control areas. Spawning amounts were least when hanging intervals 4 meters. In different positions of the grape branches, spawning amounts were different significantly. A. lucorum overwintering eggs were mainly concentrated in lower bud scales of the grape branches.
Keywords/Search Tags:A.lucorum, trap, population dynamics, sexual interference, microcapsules
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