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Evaluating The Rumen Protection Effect Of Three Kinds Of Rumen Protected Choline

Posted on:2017-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2283330485453351Subject:Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
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The experiment was conducted to evaluate a new rumen protected choline, and estimate if the basic profiles of the rumen protected choline could meet the requirement of rumen bypass product. As well as its effect on pathogenic factor of the dairy cows in nutrient negative balance period. Data supporting product business promotion and technical improvement could be obtained by comparing its basic performance with products on the market.At first, the stability of the new product was determined in the rumen and small intestine via experimental in vivo and vitro method, assessing the performance with the release of the ability. Results showed that the research and development of new products can achieve the requirement, which could be stable exist in the small intestine and rumen. The developed product can meet the basic requirements of the rumen protected products.Secondly, the basic performance of three kinds of products were determined with effective method, which included the real content of product’s choline, the oral cavity, the stability in the rumen, the release rate of small intestine and the effective utilization. Results showed that there were no difference among three products in the content of real choline, the oral and cavity stability, but the new products were not as good as the other two products on rumen stability. The new product was better than two other kinds of products, which released in the small intestine, had the higher effective utilization rate.Finally, the new products was test in the scene feeding, in order to simulate the perinatal cows nutrition metabolism, artificial cow nutrition negative balance was made by limiting control 30% of energy in maintaining level, with fatty acids accumulated in the liver. Experiment group cow was added choline products, which included feeding period and experiment period. Blood glucose levels, NEFA and βHBA were determined through cow tail vein blood sampling, which could prove the difference between the test group and control group, analysis of the effect of research and development of new products to the cow. Results showed that there were no significantly different of blood sugar content between experimental group and blank group, so as to βHBA(P>0.05)the NEFA experimental group was significantly lower than the blank group(P<0.05)。...
Keywords/Search Tags:Rumen protected choline, Rumen stability, small intestine release rate, Blood indicators
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