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Research On Design Of The Jinyuan Hunting Site Interactive Space Fused Of Virtualness And Reality

Posted on:2015-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the wide application of virtual reality technology in contemporary societyin various fields, with the digital universal tide, the virtualness and reality in thespaces people living presents a trend of fusion and interaction. People experiencethe virtual reality technology immersion sense, at the same time, also put forwardhigher demand on the spatial interaction, more and more people want to achievetheir own which can not be completed in the real world or obtain new pleasantexperience with virtual reality technology. With the continuous evolution ofinteraction space design method and related technology developing, the barriersbetween virtualness and reality has been broken, and appears to be a state of fusion,the fusion in a certain degree extend the world category of human beings tocognition, and enhance the interactive space to bring people satisfaction, promotethe field of virtual reality to be accepted, cognized and experienced.In this paper, the human perception of the world as the starting point, explainsthe fusion reality concept of reciprocal space, solid elements contained in theinteractive space specifically separately from the fusion of virtual and reality in thevirtual elements, starting, discusses construction of interactive virtual spacefusion, and the basis and principle of virtual integration.The design of the Jin Yuan Hunting site interactive space, we start from the twoaspects of the reality and virtualness, and implement the two for integration, finallybecome an overall, harmonious interactive space, it is a feasible and effective idea.with their respective realization of the essential component of interactive space,with certain technical means for fuse the reality and virtualness together, we canrealize the humanized interaction between human and the space.The Jin Yuan Hunting site interactive space fused of virtualness and realityreflects the harmonious relationship among the elements in the space from manydimensions and sence organs. Through the experimental investigation, it’sadvantage in providing high-quality and deep-seated user experience has beenverified, which has a great significance to the research work in the field of virtualreality. At the same time, in the process of verification, it’s application value of thehistorical and cultural heritage value has also been proved.To sum up, research on design of interactive space has become more and moresignificant with the emergence of new technology in the field of virtual reality, itneed more guidance to be enriched, and the fusion of virtualness and reality willbecome the starting point of interactive space design, interactive space fusedvirtualness and reality can meet with the despire of people that have harmonious communication between body and the world, bring the deep-seated user experiencefor the people, broaden people’s horizons and develop their creativity. it meet thepeople’s desire, and at the same time, as the embody of the human will, it alsopromote the process of the human civilized development.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual reality, the fusion of virtualness and reality, interactive space, JinYuan Hunting site, user experience
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