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A Reflective Report On The Translation Of The First Two Chapters Of Taking Charge

Posted on:2015-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Taking Charge, written by the American writer Joan Steinau Lester, is apractical self-help book concerning female psychological health. It is criticallyacclaimed in America. This reflective report is based on the translation of the firsttwo chapters of the book.In the report, the author, according to the reflection on the translation practice,sums up the book in its obvious stylistic characteristics. Then, based on the concreteexamples in the source text, she analyzes the major problems met in translation suchas choice of words, reconstruction of long sentences, cultural barriers, etc. and thecountermeasures taken to overcome them. Finally, the author summarizes thebenefits she gained from the process of translation, the shortcomings of thetranslation and her goals in the future. In the translation practice, with the“Functional Equivalence Theory” as the most essential guiding theory, the authorstrives to reproduce the original meaning and style by the flexible use of varioustranslation strategies and techniques. The author hopes that this report can helpdeepen her understanding of some translation theories and improve her competencein translation and that it can offer some beneficial help and enlightenment for othertranslation learners and lovers.
Keywords/Search Tags:functional equivalence, choice of words, reconstruction of longsentences, cultural barriers
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