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Reproduction Of Defamiliarization Of The Source Text

Posted on:2015-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This is a report on the translation of Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns.As a sequel to the bestseller The Devil Wears Prada, the novel gives a vivid accountof Andy’s life after she left Runway as an assistant to Miranda a decade ago. Thenovel, in a sharp and witty tone, is funny, interesting and hugely entertaining.This novel is also characterized with variety forms of defamiliarized features. Inthe novel, the author makes use of a large amount of slang terms, colloquial wordsand literary language. Such combination in a literary work not only shows a strongsmack of everyday life, but also brings special reading experience for readers. Thewriter also creates some defamiliarized sentences against English grammar andtraditional syntactic rules, provoking readers to think and explore. Besides, the authortakes advantage of some figures of speech to create interesting and defamiliarizedeffect. Such defamiliarized techniques allow readers share the same feelings andexperience with characters in the novel. What’s more, the author makes use of otherdefamiliarized devices such as unusual type of print, novel coinage, strange syntacticstructure and etc. to produce a striking and aesthetic visual effect for readers.Therefore, during the translation, the translator attempted to analyze and imitatethe defamiliarized techniques of the source text. Defamiliarization, advanced byRussian Formalist Viktor Shklovsky, means to utilize special ways of expressions tocreate unique and novel aesthetic perception and to prolong readers’ aestheticappreciation. Defamiliarized techniques include the shifting of narrative points ofview, defamiliarized textual structure, figures of speech and so on. This report willfocus on four aspects of defamiliarized effects in the source text, namelygraphological level, lexical level, syntactic level and rhetorical level, and then analyzetheir reproduction in the target text. At the graphological level, the report will focuson the analysis and reproduction of deviant factors such as defamiliarized titles, italictype of print as well grammetrics. At the lexical level, it deals with defamiliarizedtechniques like novel coinages, the use of slang as well as special collocations andexpressions. The syntactic level tackles defamiliarized effects as well as thereproduction of double negative sentences and ungrammatical sentences. The rhetorical level will center on the defamiliarization and reproduction of figures ofspeech such as parallelism, metonymy and hyperbole.To sum up, the author explores the delights and possibilities of language in thesefour aspects, offering us an astonishing and thorough appreciation of the beauty oflanguage.
Keywords/Search Tags:Defamiliarization, defamiliarized effect, reproduction, aestheticappreciation
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