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The Application Of Traditional New-year Wood Painting Elements In Modern Carving Art

Posted on:2015-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330431460653Subject:Fine Arts
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Engraving is a significant part of Chinese art. It is rapidly developing now with the prosperity of modern society and booming art culture. It also achieved new advances in art value and expressive methods by learning with advanced western technology. But there are certain reasons made few people know about it. Under these circumstances, we, as engraving creators, should find and solve existing questions to make engraving art famous. Chinese common arts are close to lives and loved by people, judged by traditional culture and aesthetic of the people. Traditional wood New Year paintings have a very close relationship with modern Chinese engraving. They are all wood paintings. Besides, wood New Year paintings have very strong national characteristics. If the national characteristics can be used in modern engraving art together with new creative ideas, the brand new art could attract people a lot by getting close with life.This thesis introduced traditional Chinese wood New Year paintings and engravings, and finds out their advantages and disadvantages. Also this thesis deeply analyzed the national characteristics in wood New Year paintings. After that this thesis studied the possibility to make the traditional wood painting elements integrate into the modern engraving. The economy develops fast. The unity of world culture developing rapidly. And the living standard of people is upgrading. Common people have a strong need for art works. In order to develop modern engraving art, we should use the national characteristics existing in wood New Year paintings more together with creative thinking in creating new engraving works. We should also publicize the engraving art to make it come into everyday life. Combining the traditional wood painting characteristics with modern engraving could clearly discover a harmonious way of developing modern engraving. Inheriting traditional culture and adding creative elements is definitely a possible way to make engraving works which are popular in new times.
Keywords/Search Tags:wood New Year paintings, elements, modern engraving, nationalcharacteristics, creative thinking
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