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Chinese Translation Of Long Sentences In Australian Curriculum

Posted on:2015-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2285330431987939Subject:English translation
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This paper mainly focuses on the translation of English syllabus into Chinese,taking Physical, Personal and Social Learning of Australia as example. Syllabus is aninstructional program that stipulates the aim, duty, knowledge, progress, method andother aspects. The quality of the syllabus has great importance to a school, a region,even a country. Since the reform and opening up, our country began to realize thebackward of China’s education system and learn the education systems of westerncountries. But the main focus was European countries, such as UK and Germany andthe United States. There was little survey about Australia. The curriculum used in thispaper is from Victoria, Australia. Victoria is called the “Garden State”, which has thesmallest land, but the densest population, the highest industrialized level, the mostdeveloped agriculture and livestock farming. Victoria has high level of education andscientific research, and the world famous university The University of Melbourne isalso located here. It is vital for China to know the educational system and curriculumof Victoria, understand the education style and form, assimilate the advantages ofwestern education and summarize experience from it. China can improve some certaininsufficiencies, promote the update of China’s education system, enhance the level ofeducation and improve the teaching quality and speed up the construction of talents.After translating this English version into Chinese, Chinese readers can learn aboutAustralian education, broaden their horizon and thoughts, and improve theirideological level. Since there are many long sentences in the curriculum, thetranslation of long sentences of English is the focus of this paper. First of all, I refer tosome strategies and methods on translation of long sentences, and summarize theaspects of these methods that can be used in translation of this curriculum. Then, Itranslate the curriculum, during which period, I pay attention to the problems in thetranslation, sum up these problems and analyze the solution. After the translation,based on the differences of Chinese and English, I make some modification. In theprocess of translation, on the basis of studying many kinds of translation methods oflong sentences, I mainly take two steps. The first step is to understand the long sentences, analyze the sentence structure, and understand the meaning of thesentences. The second step is to express, that is to say, express the meaning of Englishin Chinese correctly, fluently and completely. This paper emphatically analyzes theproblems and solutions in the process of translation. Relying on the Centre forAustralian Studies at Liaoning Normal University, based on my interest in Australianeducation, combined with principles of translation practice, I make relevant researchand complete this thesis writing.
Keywords/Search Tags:curriculum, translation strategies, the passive voice, word formation, translation of long sentences
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