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The Applied Research Of Task-based Approach In English Class Of Higher Vocational College

Posted on:2015-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330434461432Subject:English Language and Literature
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With the increasingly demand for advanced applied personals with professionalknowledge, higher vocational education is flourishing. As a Public discipline, English foreveroccupies a very important position. For many years, although the enrollment planning ofhigher vocational college become more and more, the students’ English scores and ability arestill relatively low. This phenomenon is drawing more and more teachers’ attention.The Basic Requirement for Higher Vocational and Technical Education English Coursespecifically points out that the teachers in higher vocational college must follow the principleof “priority to practical, aim to application” which requires our English teacher should changeour teaching approach radically. With the great advocacy of Task-Based Language Teachingin our country, English teacher have begun to research it. TBLT is a new teaching method,emphasize “leaning by doing” and it is the development of communicative approach. Thestudents are under the guidance of the task and situation designed by teachers in the form of“collaboration” and “dialogue” to construct meaning. Of course, many English teachers havealready applied TBLT to the classroom of higher vocational college, but the result is not aseffective as they imagine. The main reason is that many teachers cannot grasp the theoreticalfoundation of TBLT and its implementation as well as there are some misunderstandings indesigning task and the form of group collaboration.This paper attempts to research the effectiveness of TBLT in higher vocational collegeagain. As we know, there are many researches have made and its effectiveness have beenproven. But there are still many students losing interests in learning English. The authorintends to research what kinds of task and situations can really arouse the students’ interestsand enthusiasm in learning English to enhance their English communicative competence andfind a more effective method for English teaching in higher vocational college.
Keywords/Search Tags:Task-Based Approach, Constructivism, task, situation, initiative
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