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Research On Drinking Tea Environment Design Through The Paintings In Ming Dynasty

Posted on:2016-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the long history of Chinese tea culture, the fusion ofConfucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, in many excellent culture occupy aplace. Today, tea is still popular as a health drink people’s favorite.Chinese people drink tea after a medicine, food, drink three stages,with the book Tang Lu Yu "tea" come out, and the Tang Dynasty monkand scholar promoted tea and tea party, tea began to arts and the spirit ofthe road. Chinese ancient way of tea is tea made with the process ofevolution and change, Tang and Song dynasties is tea cakes tea group, theMing Dynasty is loose tea, tea leaf. This revolutionary change, makedrinking tea not complicated, popular among the people from the upperclass. Tea as necessary for life, appeared in the school, making friends,play, talk, sit-ins and other occasions. Since the mid-Ming, the seeds of capitalism has brought the rich life of the people, all walks of life isthe pursuit of individuality and expression of spirituality, especially theMing Dynasty, in their advocacy and driven by the Ming Dynasty teaculture developed its own characteristics, which attaches greatimportance to creating a tea environment.Today we are drinking tea and Ming basically similar, tea culturealive today, it was a healthy drink, it was a spirit drink, it was ascommunicative drink, but more or less the total of the essence oftraditional tea culture comprehend inadequate. We should have the rightof traditional tea culture and profound understanding, we should bein-depth study and understanding of the ancient Ming Dynasty tea culturein particular conduct in-depth research, only to then have sufficientunderstanding of tea environment, in order to truly understand the cultureof understanding the tea the essence of the content. Research on the MingDynasty tea environment, lifestyle and understanding Ming spaceenvironment design today at tea cultural influence have an importantreference.Methods iconography is an important means to study art history, richMing Dynasty paintings survive in the world, many of them involving teaenvironment works, these paintings depict the visual image of the MingDynasty tea space. Through research and analysis of these works, we canunderstand the Ming tea Environment Design and inventor of aesthetic taste.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ming Dynasty, paintings, tea culture, Environmental design
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