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Application Of Visual Illusion In Graphic Design

Posted on:2016-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The wood carving of doors and windows in Shanxi is one of theimportant part of the Chinese cultural treasure. It is not only acarrier to inherit local culture but also a good way to express theprofound cultural implied meaning. This essay is about theclassification and cultural implication of the wood carvingdecoration in Shanxi, basing on the application of the traditionalwood carving decoration in package design. As a result, we cantake advantage of its innovation value and inherit its advantageseffectively in package design.The traditional wood carving decoration of the doors andwindows in Shanxi is historical. It witnessed and contributed to thedevelopment of a age. The design is set as a carrier and the carvingdecoration is the soul of the design. They influence each other. Inthis way, the unique lingering charm of the combination of wooddecoration of the doors and windows is totally expressed. It’s agood way to make a design of modern aesthetic value and regionalcharacteristics. Furthermore, the traditional wood carving cultureof Shanxi can be used for reference and inherited in a better way.
Keywords/Search Tags:the traditional wood carving sample in Shanxi, packagedesign, inheritance and development
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