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A Report On The E-C Translation Of Conditions Of Contract For Construction, Compiled By FIDIC(Excerpts)

Posted on:2016-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M F HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2285330470966628Subject:English translation
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Since China’s reform and opening-up to the world, as well as its entry into WTO, the international exchanges and cooperation in various fields especially in construction engineering have been expanding and increasing. Furthermore, the international academic exchanges and the overseas construction projects develop rapidly. All these call for a great demand for translators of English for Science and Technology(EST). This report takes Engineering English as the research material to reveal the challenges and corresponding translation strategies in translation of EST, with the hope of improving translation abilities and promoting the translation of Engineering English.Research materials selected for the report are the Conditions of Contract for Construction, compiled by Fédération lnternationale Des lngénieurs Conseils(FIDIC), known as the mother of contracts for civil engineering construction. Even Yanfu’s translation principles of “faithfulness”, “expressiveness” and “elegance” are highly appreciated and frequently practiced, “conciseness” still is proposed to replace “elegance”, so as to direct the translation of Engineering English better.The report briefly introduces the translation project, analyzes the source text’s features such as its styles and language characteristics, discusses the challenges and the corresponding translation strategies employed during the translating process, and finally proposes suggestions for improving translation quality, that the translator shall read inclusively, pay attention to the meanings of words and terms in the specialized field so as to build vocabulary, practice more and finally, remain humble towards the job of translation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Engineering English, translation principle, translation strategy, nominalization, translation of long sentence
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