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Research On Human Resource Development Of Cultural Industry In Tibet

Posted on:2016-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330479997624Subject:Administrative Management
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Tibet is an area which is full of rich and unique cultural resources. The fully tapping the Tibetan cultural resources and the development of cultural industries are of great significance to achieving sustainable economic development and the social harmony and stability in Tibet. Tibet’s cultural industry started late, Tibet’s cultural industry development late, and lack of human resources and low level of overall quality, which limiting the long-term development of Tibetan Culture Industry. Therefore, this Research attempts to explore the development of Tibetan culture, human resources industry, so the government and cultural enterprises could promote Tibetan culture industry and enhance the overall level of human resources. The study also provides some useful countermeasures and suggestions.Firstly, through data statistics and literature research, the paper sorted out the current situation in Tibet cultural industry development, human resource development of Tibetan culture industry environment, current situation and problems of development in human resources of Tibetan culture industry. Secondly, the paper used the gray system theory and method to do the empirical analysis on the factors associated with of Tibetan culture industry human resource development. The results showed that the selected factors are strongly related to the institute of Tibetan culture industry human resource development, and the sort descending order is as follows: culture media investment, investment in education, social security employment investment, investment in health care, science and technology investment cultural and related industry professionals remuneration, cultural training people, the number of college students per million, culture and entertainment consumption of urban residents, the number of patents granted. Finally, the paper combines the system of internal and external human resource development advantages of cultural industries proposed: Governments and businesses need to update ideological of culture industry human resource development; the government should formulate development planning which is adjusted to the Tibet’s cultural industries human resources development, and build a diversified personnel training system, innovate culture industry talent introduction mode, promote Tibetan culture industry development and format talent agglomeration effect; promote Tibetan culture industry human resource development in the collaborative and innovative way.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tibet, cultural industries, gray correlation theory, Human Resource Development
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