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The Primary Study Of "Freedom" In The Development Of Human Beings

Posted on:2015-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2295330464463358Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The freedom is a terminal theory of human beings. To realize the free all-round development of human beings is the essence of the Marxism and the terminal objective of Marxism, leading social development of human beings. Researching on Marxism freedom and development of human beings is an inevitable road to realize the development of human beings, providing the train of thought to solve the contemporary human developing problems. Researching on the free development of human beings by foreign scholars study has a long history, with systematical research theory. After the performing of the reform and opening-up policy, research on the free development of human beings in our county has been attached importance to with the development of social history and the variety of social trend of thought. Nowadays, we face a lot of social problems and contradictions. The development of human beings and the development of society should be paid more attention to, and the study of the development of human beings should be studied deeper. This paper is going to dig into the characteristic discuss and the developing meaning of Marxian theory of the free development of human beings, study on the deferent aspect of the freedom and its leading effect to our real society. Firstly, on the basic of historical materialism and the theory of the surplus value, Marx offers a groundbreaking interpretation of the "human being", on which the rule of human society is revealed and predicated properly, which gives Marxian study scientificity lacking by the former scholars. Secondly, the freedom of human beings can be revealed from many aspects, and this paper is going to reveal it from the aspect of intellectual freedom, freedom of value, living freedom and the freedom of ideal. Intellectual freedom is the basic aspect of the freedom of human beings, and it has inter connection between intellectual freedom and the freedom of value. Living freedom is the basic reflection of human being’s living, while the freedom of ideal manifests the condition of human living. Finally, practicing scientific development is the inevitable course for realizing the freedom of human beings. Nowadays, the contradictions and problems in Chinese society are severe. Scientific development is the proper way, since the freedom of human beings is widen by solving the contradictions in society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marxism, freedom, the development of human beings
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