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Report On The Consecutive Interpreting For International Exchange Program Between The Business School Of Guangxi University And The Faculty Of Economics Of Chiang Mai University

Posted on:2017-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2295330488459179Subject:English interpretation
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On July 1st,2015, the author was honored to provide two-way consecutive interpreting between English and Chinese for the Business School of Guangxi University and the Faculty of Economics of Chiang Mai University on the international exchange program in the Business School of Guangxi University. This report is about the analysis and reflection of the interpreting assignment including task description, pre-interpreting preparation, case study, post-interpreting assessment and conclusion.Task description gives a brief introduction about the background of the meeting, the interpreting process and the objectives of writing this report. Chapter 2 comprehensively presents the pre-interpreting preparation with priority given to thematic knowledge, attendees’ information, pre-departure preparation and on-site preparation. In case study, the author first lays out the three main difficulties she met in the interpreting process involving terminology, long sentence and discourse marker "I mean". Then, she conducts deep analyses of the above issues under the guidance of Gile’s "Comprehension Equation" and Newmark’s communicative translation. In the meanwhile, the author puts forward corresponding coping strategies to deal with different on-the-spot crises. At last, on the basis of introspection of the whole interpreting task, the author draws the following conclusions:1. Pre-interpreting preparation is the cornerstone of successful interpreting.2. Bilingual language proficiency should be greatly improved.3. The interpreters should be good at employing interpreting skills.4. Relevant theories should be applied to examining the interpretation.5. The interpreters should boast professional ethics.This report aims to enhance the author’s professional level through reflection on the interpreting task. It is also expected to inspire other inexperienced interpreters in this regard.
Keywords/Search Tags:Consecutive Interpreting, Gile’s "Comprehension Equation", Newmark’s Communicative Translation, Coping Tactics
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