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A Chinese-English Translation Report On Chapter Vi Of Studies On Transnational Hmong People

Posted on:2017-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This translation report is based on the translation work of an excerpt from The Miao/Hmong’s Transnationalism, Boundaries between Ethnicity and Nation. Its author is Shi Maoming, a PhD from Minzu University of China. This work is based on his doctoral thesis. Supported by the National Social Science Fund, the thesis is a comprehensive research on the Hmong people both at home and abroad and the livelihood of Hmong people at present and in the past. Besides, it also provides readers a showcase to understand the essence of the Hmong people.The source text is Chapter Ⅵ, which is a key chapter of this book. The total number of characters are 12,000. Eugene A.Nida’s functional equivalence theory has been used as the theoretical guidance for the translation work. The translator pays attention to social function of the translated text. In this report, the translator analyzes the translated texts from five aspects such as Newmark’s classification on text function and text style, free translation, literal translation, literal translation plus annotation and transliteration. In the process of translation, the translator focuses on the language character and text style and analyses the difficulties in translation and the way to handle difficulties.There are four parts in the translation report: Description of the Translation Task, Translation Process, Case Studies,and Summary.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hmong people, Text Style, Functional Equivalence, Translation Strategies
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