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The Study Of Public Services For Migrant Workers In The View Of Supply And Demand Balance

Posted on:2012-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330335469520Subject:Administrative Management
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China has more than 200 million migrant workers, actually, the number of migrant workers in the city is about 150million. With China’s reform and opening up, and the development of the industrialization and urbanization, the new workforce of migrant workers is growing, meanwhile, the public service issues of migrant workers are also increasingly prominent. The public service not only with regard to the vital interests of migrant workers, but also related to the economic and social development and the construction of our harmonious society, therefore, our government and society should take due responsibility for migrant workers’public service, to provide institutional guarantees and effective support.In this paper, on the basis of empirical research, the introduction of new public service and governance theory, from the supply and demand balance Angle to analyze the public service of migrant workers. It is found that there exits the imbalance between supply and demand of migrant workers’public service, Mainly as follows:First, in the subject, the provider is absent and demanders are too many,the scale of migrant workers is large,the number of migrant workers is huge, so they have strong demand for public services, but in many cases, migrant workers are excluded in the public service with the inflow and outflow; Second, in the content, supply can not effectively meet the demand, the public services government provide for migrant workers revealed a shortage, and the demand for non-situation; Third, in the way, the supply path is of one-dimensional, the government in the provision of public services of migrant workers is "top-down"model, the government provides what services, migrant workers can only passively accept what services.Based on the above issues, this paper points out the causes for the supply-demand contradictions of migrant workers’public service:first of all, on the system aspect, the household registration system is unreasonable, the interest expression mechanism is not perfect, etc.; Secondly, in the subject level of public service, the concept of government services is distorted and the service function is vacanct; Again, in the object level of public service, poor awareness of the rights of migrant workers, the poor affordability and the low degree of organization, leading to a vulnerable position of migrant workers. Finally, this research is combined with the reality, by the enligh(?)ment of JiF(?)Zhi in Zhongshan City, according to the the status and reasons of supply-demand of migrant worker’s public service, proposed how to improve the public services of migrant workers on countermeasures and suggestions. First, to change the service concept, and strengthen service functions, to achieve people-oriented; Second, to improve the relevant system in order to protect the migrant workers the basic right to subsistence and development; The third is to expand the services subject to the " led by the government-multi-agency management "; Fourth, to improve public service content system for migrant workers oriented to citizens’demand; The fifth is to improve migrant workers’ public service step by step; Sixth, to enhance the quality of migrant workers, thus can fundamentally prepare for the solution of migrant workers’ public services.
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