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The Problems Analysis And Path Selection In The Construction Of Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2013-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330362464386Subject:Administrative Management
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“Better government, better service”is the target which all countries pursuit in theglobalization wave of administration reformation.Chinese government conform to the trendof the development of world which serve "service-oriented government" construction as theorientation of administration reformation. In recent years, from the practice of theadministration reformation in China, the government at all levels attaches great importance tothe construction of the service-oriented government, continuously for effective explorationand reformation, to a great extent by the development of the service government. But theconstruction of service-oriented government is still at the beginning stage in our country andthere are also many problems in the process of development.For.instance, in the worship ofpower that many officials know less than its own public servant identity, often in "the officer"claims, don’t respect the rights of the citizens.The concept of serving people and the practiceexist paradox, actual state and ought to have a large gap. That the transformation ofgovernment functions do not reach the designated position became service-orientedgovernment of the further development of impediment. The system reform of the relevantmechanism touches the interests of vested interest groups which makes the propulsion ofservice-type government slower, etc.These are hindering a service-oriented governmentfurther.How to innovate the government management mode, and provide more and betterservice, solve the difficult problems of development, tests the ability of administration of thegovernment at all levels In-depth analysis in recent years the government to promote theconstruction of service-oriented government at all levels of the present situation and existingproblems, carry on the gradual reflection, clear the path forward which will make our countrythe construction of service-oriented government to better development, better to deal with theinternational competition, promoting the comprehensive national strength.
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