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Research On The Construetion Of Service-oriented Township Government In China

Posted on:2013-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330362964383Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of society&economy and improvement of people’s livingstandards, people’s demand on public services is taking on a consistently increasing trend.People, who have settled their food and clothing problems, not only demand more on kindsand amount of public service, but also more on quality of that. In this context, it is inevitableto build service-oriented government to meet the increasing requirements on social publicservice. Township government is the enforcement agency of township people’s congress, andis the most basic-level administrative division. In the perspective of status and function,township government holds most responsibilities in rural executive affairs because it is theterminal part in China’s government system, linking closely with vast villages and ruralpeople. It also has special effect on maintaining political management, providing socialservice and organizing economic construction. As a result, it brings a profound historical andactual meaning on how to build a service-oriented functional structure on the terminal ofgovernment system.The fate of the township government is closely connected with the overall reformof theChinese government, and the township government has no success to speak of if it movesfrom the country’s whole deployment, but this does not mean that the township governmentcannot reform or the reform accomplishes nothing. Just on the contrary, the township as aperiphery of the government system, can display its independency and activity, for it is easierfor a small boat to turn around. Therefore it can use the opportunity of the new ruralreconstruction to take the lead to build a service-oriented government, which will be of greathelp for the advancement of the government’s overall reform strategy.Taking township governments after foundation of the nation as a research unit, macro toservice-oriented government theory as the guide, with the development of our countryvillages and towns change history as foundation, to our country villages and townsgovernment unique properties for breakthrough, using literature analysis, historical analysis, comparison research method, etc, based on the point of view of villages and townsgovernment interpretation of service-type government constructing historical necessity andfeasibility, Thus in China is put forward from the microscopic construction of serving thetownship government’s specific requirements and means, in order to provide theoretical andpractice reference for constructing a new socialist countryside.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented government theory, Review of township government, service-oriented township government
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