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The Research On The Life-rization Ideological And Political Education Under The Concept Of People-oriented

Posted on:2015-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422467643Subject:Ideological and political education
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The purpose of the birth of any theory are committed to guide practice, correct theorypromotes the practice in the direction of the vigorous development.Practice performancefor all activities in your life, that is to say any discipline of study are based on life itself tothink, in the process of exploring the inner regularity to return to the real life to be perfect.The ideological and political education is no exception, it comes from the objectiverequirement of the social life, if separated from social life, ideological and politicaleducation also loses the existing basis and purpose. The current ideological and politicaleducation faces many challenges one of the most important reason is that increasingly fromPeople’s Daily life, lack of pertinence and effectiveness. Violated the original intention ofthe birth of the theory, the humanities spirit gradually retreat in the ideological and politicaleducation.Aiming at the problems of traditional ideological and political education, this paperput forward the concept of "people-oriented" ideas of life under study. Ideological andpolitical education into daily life is refers to the return theory of ideological and politicaleducation, to guide, for the purpose of life. Adhere to the "people-oriented", pay attentionto the humanistic spirit, from the perspective of life, adhere to the ideological and politicaleducation. Life is to rely on talent to carry out, the people as the main body of life, and theideological and political education into daily life is to put the "people-oriented" as the coreof education concept. The core of "people-oriented" to join, can make the ideological andpolitical education highlights the practical, ideological and political education to play itsreal human nature. Party’s18th to establish the scientific outlook on development to be theparty’s guiding ideology, proposed the concept of scientific development is the core of"people-oriented". Therefore, implementing the scientific concept of development, wemust be "people-oriented" into the ideological and political education. Ideological andPolitical Education reform is a necessary requirement for the development of moderneducation, to achieve the ideological and political education "people-oriented" conceptunder, so the true return to education, return to practice, to achieve practical and theoretical guidance.This paper reviewed a large number of domestic and foreign research results aboutideological and political education into daily life, on the basis of summary and induction,try to study and explore. The main contents include the following components: First of all,to express the sources of the thesis, systematically analyzes the topic research presentsituation, and on the use of the research background, research ideas and methods, etc.Second, to locate the connotation of ideological and political education into daily life,probes into the "people-oriented" reflected in the ideological and political life and meaning.Again, this paper expounds the present situation of the ideological and political educationinto daily life, to grasp the core of the problems, study the cause of the problem. Finally,put forward the "people-oriented" concept of implementation of the principle in theideological and political education, and discusses approaches to realize the concept fromfour aspects.
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